City Hospital via Jewellery Quarter pop-up cycle lane


This page is now closed for feedback. Details on further development of this scheme through the Active Travel Fund programme in 2021 can be found here .

This scheme was delivered on a temporary trial basis in 2020, and we are reviewing whether any of these measures should be modified or made more permanent. If you have any questions, please email

City Centre to City Hospital via Jewellery Quarter

We are reallocating road space, suspending some on-street parking spaces, making access improvements and providing signage to enable cycling from the city centre to City Hospital via the Jewellery Quarter.

Measures will include:

  • Two-way segregated cycle route on Northbrook Street providing connections from the canal and Harborne Walkway towards City Hospital
  • Two-way segregated cycle route and sections of shared-use footway/cycle track on Dudley Road (between Northbrook Street and Spring Hill Bridge)
  • Contraflow cycle lane on Rosebery Street (between Clissold Street and College Street)
  • Two-way segregated cycle route on Clissold St (between Rosebery Street and Camden Street)
  • Shared use walking and cycling path through green space to enable people to connect to City Hospital
  • Footway/pavement widening to create a short section of shared use track on Crabtree Road and Western Road for access to City Hospital
  • Build outs at bus stops on Hingeston Street and Newhall Street to make it safer for people boarding buses
  • Segregated contraflow cycle lane on Legge Lane
  • Proposed segregated cycle lanes on Graham Street and Newhall Street
  • Please note that this scheme is being delivered on a temporary trial basis for the next few months, with the potential for these measures to be made more permanent as part of the Birmingham Walking & Cycling Strategy & Infrastructure Plan .

    City Hospital via Jewellery Quarter pop-up cycle lane

    We've created some temporary ‘pop-up’ cycle routes across the city to provide safer space for cycling.

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