City Centre Segments: Eastside


Thank you for your feedback. We are now carrying out formal consultation on proposed measures at https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/economy/segments . Consultation closes 10 September 2021.

The Eastside area of Birmingham city centre, including Moor Street Queensway and Digbeth High Street, will be transformed over the coming years. Major transport investment through Metro extension , new Sprint routes and the arrival of HS2 will see significant improvements to public transport and enhanced public realm , while new developments such as Smithfield will change how this area is used.

This will all contribute to our vision for a sustainable, green, inclusive, go-anywhere network set out in the draft Birmingham Transport Plan . Transforming the city centre is one of the big moves outlined in this. We want to see a reduction in traffic and pollution across our city centre and to create more public spaces, making this a better place to live, work, relax and visit.

To achieve this, we are dividing the city centre into a number of segments to reduce the volume of through traffic and make it safer for people to walk and cycle. One of these covers the Eastside/Digbeth area.

Some changes have already been introduced in this area, including:

  • closure of Park Street to through-traffic as part of HS2 works to build the new Curzon Street station
  • introduction of a bus gate on Moor Street Queensway between Moor Street station and Carrs Lane (in both directions)
  • We are now planning to improve and build on these measures and extend the benefits across a wider area, helping the city centre recover from the impact of COVID-19.

    Your views

    Through the Active Travel Fund, we have a real opportunity to continue transforming parts of the city centre. We want to work closely with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders to develop and deliver our vision for safer, greener and healthier places where people want to spend time.

    We want to hear from you on how these measures have worked so far and what else could be done.

  • What do you think about the initial changes made last year?
  • Where else in the area would benefit from improvements?
  • What would make the area better and encourage you to visit, walk or cycle more?
  • You can add as many comments as you like below, until Friday 16 April 2021.

    The next set of proposals will be informed by your comments and suggestions and then, following public consultation, further changes will be delivered over the coming year.

    City Centre Segments: Eastside

    Further changes in Eastside to improve public spaces and facilities for walking, cycling and social distancing.

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