A457 Cycle Corridor


This page is closed for comments. We are now carrying out a formal consultation on this cycle route www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/economy/a457-cycle-route . Consultations closes on 30 November 2021.

Last year we introduced a number of temporary ‘pop-up’ cycle routes across the city to provide safer space for cycling. One of these was on the A457 corridor between the city centre and City Hospital via the Jewellery Quarter .

We are now planning further improvements and to deliver some more permanent measures along this corridor.

This route will provide access into the city centre via the Jewellery Quarter and has potential to connect out towards Smethwick and the new Midland Metropolitan University Hospital (download map of proposed route below).

This is part of 30km of new or enhanced routes that will make it safer and easier to cycle across Birmingham as part of the Birmingham Walking & Cycling Strategy & Infrastructure Plan .

Your views

Through the Active Travel Fund, we have an opportunity to continue extending our cycle network and deliver safer, greener and healthier ways of getting around the city.

We want to hear from you on how this pop-up cycle lane has worked so far and what else could be done:

  • Would you like to keep any of the changes made last year?
  • What could further improve things or fix any current issues?
  • What else could be done to make it safer and easier to cycle here?
  • You can add as many comments as you like, until Friday 16 April 2021.

    The next set of proposals will be informed by your comments and suggestions and then, following public consultation, further changes will be delivered over the coming year.

    A457 Cycle Corridor

    Further improvements to make it safer and easier to cycle along the A457 corridor from the city centre to City Hospital.

    This engagement phase has finished

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