Lozells Low Traffic Neighbourhood


This page is currently closed for feedback. If you want to comment on the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order which is now in place for this scheme you can do so at Birmingham Be Heard where you can also view all relevant plans and documents.

We will be considering and analysing comments received to date as part of the review we are carrying out of our recently implemented emergency transport measures . If you have any questions, please email connected@birmingham.gov.uk.

We are currently finalising details of the next set of schemes to be delivered through the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund in early 2021. We will shortly be setting up new project pages or reopening existing ones (as appropriate) to enable people to provide further comments and suggestions over the next few weeks.

Lozells Low Traffic Neighbourhood is part of our new Places for People project, which aims to reduce traffic in residential neighbourhoods so that it is safer for people to walk and cycle, and nicer to be outside for children to play and neighbours to chat. In many parts of Birmingham, residents find their streets are busy with traffic, particularly when people are ‘rat running’ to avoid main roads. When traffic is reduced the neighbourhood becomes quieter, the air is cleaner, and streets feel safer.

The principle of Places for People is that residents can continue to drive onto their street, have visitors, get deliveries, etc, but it is made harder or impossible to drive straight through the area. Low traffic neighbourhoods are groups of residential streets bordered by main or ‘distributor’ roads (where non-local traffic should be) where through trips by motor vehicles are discouraged or restricted.

You can now see plans of the proposed changes in the area, including how the wider project area is broken down into smaller low traffic neighbourhoods. Most of the proposed changes are modal filters, that allow people on foot, bike or mobility scooter to pass but do not allow cars or other motor vehicles through.

Your views

We want to hear what you think about your street and your neighbourhood - What is good about it and what isn't so good? What could help fix any problems and make the area better?

You can also tell us what you think of these plans, including the proposed locations of modal filters. These will be introduced over the next few weeks as temporary changes on a trial basis (a condition of the funding is that the measures must be in place by the end of August).Trials will initially last for up to 6 months, giving an opportunity to see how they are working and to make any necessary changes.

We want to work with local residents, businesses, community groups and others to encourage difference uses of this space. We can also think about how any trial measures might be made more permanent, if this is something people want to see happen – this process should be shaped by the people who live and spend their time in these areas.

Use the map to tell us about a specific location (the Lozells project area is highlighted in green) or use the form below to make general comments. You can add as many comments as you like, now and as things develop further.

Lozells Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Reducing the amount of traffic on local streets in Lozells, so that it is nicer to be outside and safer for people to walk and cycle, children to play, neighbours to chat.

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