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Moseley Local Centre Improvements Consultation launched

Through the Active Travel Fund, we have an opportunity to continue transforming our local centres and enable people to walk and cycle more. We aim to make walking and cycling everyday choices for local journeys and leisure activities, as part of a safe and integrated transport network for Birmingham.

In 2020, a number of temporary changes were put in place in Moseley in response to COVID-19, to create safer spaces for people and to enable social distancing in this area of high footfall.

In Moseley's local centre we are now proposing the following changes:

  • Removing on street parking to create a bi-directional, segregated cycle route on the south bound (out of city) carriageway of Alcester Road and St Mary’s Row (from outside the Co-op to The Bull’s Head)
  • Upgrading the existing pelican crossing (outside Evergreen Chinese take-away) to a toucan crossing for use by pedestrians and cyclists
  • Creating a shared use footway for pedestrians and cyclists linking the upgraded toucan crossing to future cycle route on Chantry Road
  • Permanently widening the footway along the Alcester Road (outside of Cafephillia going south towards the Co-op)
  • Constructing footway and ramps at the King Edward Road/Alcester Road junction
  • Re-positioning bus stop (outside of Co-op) to accommodate cycle lane
  • Creating two disabled parking spaces on King Edward Road and two on St Mary’s Row
  • Creating a loading bay on King Edward Road
  • Please note that sections of the cycle lane will be suspended for the monthly Farmers Market.

    For further details on this proposal, including a plan of the proposed changes visit the Birmingham BeHeard website:

    You can also share your thoughts on the proposals via the BeHeard link above.

    Posted on 6th September 2022

    by Sophie Rafiq